New content coming “soonish”

Hey all, yeah this site is basically a deadhole. No new content in the past 3 years.. 4 years? Maybe even 5 years I am not even keeping track. And That is about to change!

I am committing to a “new years resolution” which will be.. to be more active on social media… Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even this blog–I will be more active on social media. My grand plan is below..

Step 1)

Increase my online presence, through social media, videos, twitch streaming, and blog posts

Step 2)


Step 3)


Ok so the 2nd and 3rd step are me totally memeing out, and no serious goal for what I’m doing.. NOT ONE BIT..
But I wanna try to see how far I can get myself out there in the next calendar year, as a challenge to myself. let’s see what happens! Here’s to a “social” 2017!

I will make another post tomorrow morning with a more detailed explanation of what I wanna do and a gameplan to accomplish it. Stay tuned!

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