Welcome to my new home. Okay, it’s not my new home, but a new look to my old home–I did an extreme makeover to this site. Gone are the days of painstakingly editing HTML for every single page; I finally decided to use WordPress for my entire CMS (Content Management System) here. One of the things this allows me to do is more easily add content here, which means it won’t be as much as a burden to actually update; and believe me, it was an enormous burden. For two years, my site consisted of a single page, listing where else you should go to follow my activities. You can still go to those places, but now you can also just get it all in one place–here.

I’ve already started adding stuff to the site, such as a page where you can watch me fail at live-streaming video games and a page where you can view links to all the things I like and support–and there’s much more on the way. Starting soon, regular posts about weird randomness, photos/illustrations I create, programs I’ve written, and much, much more. So stay tuned for awesomeness!


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